The Amazing, Anti-Aging..Goji Berry

Some of you may not know about the Goji Berry. I didn’t know about it for a long time. Too long! This little berry is very powerful. There are Asian and American varieties of the goji berry. It is thought that the goji berry was brought to North & Central America by groups that migrated from Asia over the Bering Land Bridge. In Asia, the health properties of the goji berry are very well documented and researched. There are even many legends around the goji berry. The Goji Berry bush can grow in a variety of climates, from dry deserts to tropical forests and tolerate significant swings in daily temperature.


The Chinese province of Ningxia where goji berries are primarily grown has the highest concentration of centenarians in the country and the residents of the province age more gracefully. The people are more vibrant, healthy and active. I don’t know about you but that’s impressive. The goji berry is what is called an ‘adaptogen’ meaning that the berry has a combination of therapeutic actions on the human body. An adaptogen helps invigorate and strengthen the various body systems and helps our bodies better deal with stress. When I found that out I decided to add this delicious little berry into my daily diet!   

Some top benefits of the Goji Berry:

  1. boosts the immune system

  2. increases alkalinity and vitality

  3. protects the liver

  4. improves eye-sight and blood quality

  5. delivers anti-aging compounds to our bodies


I started experimenting and came up with some delicious ways to eat goji berries!


Goji Mint Water

1 large handful of organic goji berries

1 handful organic mint sprigs

3-4 cups purified water

Soak for 3-4 hours in room temperature water. Stir occasionally.

This goji mint water can be used as a base for smoothies. If you make simple Goji Water (without the mint leaves) you can use this as a base to make chicken/fish broth.


Aurea’s Anti-aging Superfoods Smoothie

2 cups Goji Mint Water

1 cup Coconut Water

1 cup organic blueberries

1 cup organic strawberries

1 tbsp organic raw maca powder

2 tbsp organic goji berries, dried

3 tbsp organic raw cacao powder

1 tsp organic goji berry powder

1 tbsp organic coconut oil

Blend together in a Vitamix or other high-power blender until smooth. Drink up!!

Give these a recipes a try and/or nibble on some organic dried goji berries. They are an excellent snack! And enjoy the numerous health and anti-aging benefits of this wonderful little berry! :)

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