Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Almost every woman (and some gentlemen..) has a particular number that they think is their optimal weight. It could be what they weighed in high school or what they weighed in college or what they weighed at some particular point in time when they felt great. It’s natural! We all have a certain point in time when we felt our best. As we get older we long for the ‘good ole days’. The thing is that in all the years we’ve been on this lovely, green and blue planet no one told us that it isn’t just about the ‘number’ on the scale. There is a very important difference between ‘weight loss’ and ‘fat loss’. Most of us have heard, at some point in time or another, that muscle weighs more than fat but how many of us actually keep that in mind when we step on that scale?? I know I’ve been guilty of being obsessed with the number on that scale but hey, we’re all human. It happens!

This is why I’m going to get into the difference between the actual, numerical weight that goes under ‘weight loss’ and what the benefits of ‘fat loss’ are. Trust me, FAT LOSS, is really what you’re after. Your clothes will fit better. Your body will be lean and toned. And you will feel great! Cause that’s really what we all want. To feel comfortable and sexy in our skin - no matter what the number on the scale says!

First, I will reiterate what you already know. Weight loss that results from pills, crash or fad diets and improper training is unsustainable and the process is dangerous to your health in the long run.

What “weight loss” via these methods really does to your body is this:

  • early aging

  • decreased fitness

  • decreased strength

  • poor performance

  • reduced immunity

Not really the effects you’re after huh??

What “fat loss” through adequate nutrition and strength training/cardio does for your body:

  1. improved fitness

  2. optimal performance

  3. reduced risk of disease

  4. delayed aging

  5. greater strength

I don’t know about you but that’s what I am after!! FAT LOSS!! My favorite effects of lower body fat (around 15% for the ladies and around 10% for the gents) are the improved immunity and delayed aging!!

What to do??

  1. Measure the girth of your neck, chest, arms, waist and thighs. Your goal is to lose inches so measure yourself. You’re looking for the waist measurement to decrease. Some of the other measurements can increase if you’re building muscle or decrease if you’re losing a lot of fat.

  2. Pay attention to the way your body looks. Muscle definition is what you’re after.

  3. Keep a training log - you gain muscle as you get stronger

  4. Track your body fat with calipers every 2 weeks, if possible.

Patience is not something that is valued in our society nowadays. But if your goal is to be healthy, look and feel great then be kind to yourself and enjoy the process. Love your body as it is now, make consistent efforts towards health and fitness and your body and level of health, wellness and happiness will change for the best!  


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