Feed your Mane

Long, beautiful hair is a well known sign of youth. We were always getting our hair trimmed because it grew so quickly into a, sometimes, unruly mess. As one gets older and has more responsibilities our stress levels increase and we don’t have time to nourish our bodies as we should. And what happens? Our once beautiful hair now looks dry, brittle and doesn’t grow the way it used to. Sound familiar??

It’s not too late for you to do something about it!

Here’s what you can eat for a long, healthy, lustrous mane!

  1. Salmon – wild Alaskan salmon is the way to go. Since it spends most of its life in the ocean it will generally have very low levels of toxins. Salmon is loaded with heart healthy and brain boosting Omega 3s. Those same Omega 3s promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy!
  2. Yellow Peppers – loaded with vitamin C, 5 ½ times more than an orange, an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles. Get your vitamin C from Citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes and potatoes too!
  3. Almonds – high in biotin which makes hair grow faster and thicker. 1 cup = 1/3 of your daily requirement.  Other foods with plenty of B vitamins are cauliflower, soy, peas, carrots, lentils, oats, eggs and nuts.
  4. Eggs – organic and cage free eggs are a great source of omega 3s and biotin. Just be sure to eat the whole egg as eating too many egg whites can block the absorption of biotin.
  5. Avocados – their high concentration of essential fatty acids help keep your skin smooth and supple.
  6. Sunflower Seeds – these little seeds are high in Vitamin E which helps enhance blood flow to the scalp and promotes faster hair growth. Kiwis, spinach, soybeans, tomatoes and almonds are also high in Vitamin E.
  7. Oysters – have lots of zinc! Zinc deficiency has been shown to cause hair loss and poor scalp conditions. Stay away from oysters from the Gulf of Mexico though! They may contain high levels of Cadmium from the 2010 BP oil spill. Crab legs, beef, pork and chicken as well as cereals and beans are other sources of zinc.
  8. Green, leafy vegetables – such as kale and spinach are excellent sources of iron which encourages hair growth! Shellfish, red meat, oats and grains are other ways to get your iron.
  9. Sweet Potatoes – have tons of beta carotene, which gives these its orange color. Beta carotene is the precursor for vitamin A which promotes a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth. Carrots, spinach, kale, mangos, apricots, papaya, peas, peaches, tomatoes and oatmeal are also rich in Vitamin A precursors.

Try this delicious recipe! 

Alaskan Salmon Scrambled Eggs 

3 eggs, organic and cage free

2 cups baby spinach, organic

1 tomato, organic

1 tbsp coconut oil or organic butter

1 avocado

1 can wild Alaskan salmon (look for BPA-free cans! Wild Planet has these)


Heat the coconut oil or organic butter over medium heat. Add the spinach, tomato and salmon and cook until the spinach is bright green and softens, stirring regularly. Add the eggs to the pan, mixing everything together as the eggs cook. Serve with the avocado on the side.    


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