Heal your Body... Now

Several of my friends are constantly ill with something, whether it is a cold or a flu or a sinus infection. What seems crazy to me is that they think that it’s a ‘normal’ part of life to get sick. It’s the weather; the crazy fluctuations in temperature. It’s winter. It’s ‘allergy season’. The list goes on and on as to why they are getting sick. But what if you didn’t have to get sick when allergy season rolls around? Or when it’s winter? What if you could get sick rarely? Or if you do get sick, what if it could only take you out of commission for 2-3 days?? It is possible. I’ve done it!! I used to get sick several times a year. Allergies would cause sinus infections. Winter would bring the colds and flus to my door. It was horrible!! I hated being sick! But then it all changed. 

learned how to take better care of myself. I learned to eat foods that boosted my immune system. I learned how to heal my body and help it function at its best. I created change in my health and well-being by being conscious of what I was putting into my body.

Here’s what I did.

Most people are sensitive/allergic to certain foods but they aren’t aware that they are having an allergic/sensitive reaction to what they are eating. I stopped eating: 

  1. wheat/gluten – grains containing a protein called gluten can create bad reactions in your body. The ones to avoid are wheat, rye, barley, triticale, spelt, durum, kamut, graham flour and semolina
  2. processed foods – foods that contain preservatives, chemicals, sulfites, nitrites, nitrates, etc
  3. corn/high fructose corn syrup – most corn in the US is a Genetically Modified Organism and your body doesn’t know what to do with it
  4. sugar – this is in the most unexpected places and it is killing us – obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer
  5. dairy – no milk and no to most cheeses. The only exceptions to my rule are organic yogurt/kefir, for its probiotics, and fresh mozzarella cheese, since it isn’t an aged cheese it doesn’t contain mold
  6. organic – most of the fruits and veggies and meats I buy are organic (and the meat – humanely raised). My body doesn’t need the chemicals in mass produced food and yours doesn’t either

Some of you may be thinking “but…what do you eat??!” There’s plenty to eat. Truly. Here’s what to eat:

  1. Fresh, organic Fruits and Vegetables!! Make half your plate veggies this will not only satisfy your hunger and help trim your waistline but the nutrients and antioxidants in them will keep you healthy!! Try some kale, swiss chard, asparagus, beets, carrots, avocados – experiment :)  
  2. Whole grains!! And I don’t mean commercially produced cereals! The cardboard box has more nutrition than the actual cereal as per scientific study. Quinoa, raw oats, amaranth, brown rice, buckwheat are gluten-free grains that have everything your body needs to function at its best.
  3. Beans and Legumes are excellent sources of fiber and protein. Lentils and garbanzo beans are good sources of zinc.
  4. Nuts and Seeds such as almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds are loaded with heart healthy fats and Omega 3s!
  5. Wild Seafood and Lean Proteins will give your body the vitamins and amino acids it needs to renew itself. Organically raised chicken and beef and wild caught salmon, tuna, sardines or cod and shellfish are some great options.

That’s how I’ve healed my body. I no longer lose my voice and have to battle sinus infections and colds and flus. I make it through winters and allergy seasons without issues. If I can do it, so can you! Just start by removing one or two of the foods on the “Do Not Eat” list and work yourself up from there! Easy does it. It’s about consistency!  Eat your way to good health and wellness! :)


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