The Truth About Cleanses

It’s January and there are many of you, out there in the world, rethinking your health habits and wanting to make some serious changes either for your health or because your favorite jeans don’t fit anymore! Both reasons are valid AND still, one is a more powerful motivator. Regardless of which camp you’re in I will share with you some tips to make your weight/inches lost sustainable. Why is it important for your weight-loss to be sustainable?? Because yo-yo dieting is terrible psychologically and physically. Both your body and mind can only take so much...and you want to maintain both happy and healthy! Don’t you??

Alright!! Let’s get to it!

Juice cleanses, Tea Cleanses, Master cleanses and Whatnot!!

In NYC, it’s cold as f*ck today!! I have a friend who’s doing a raw food cleanse for THE ENTIRE MONTH of January. Sounds great right?? It is AND it is NOT! A raw food cleanse can be a good break for your digestive tract but if you’re used to eating bagels, processed foods, soda and McDonald’ will be a BIG shock to your body (i.e. Not good) . Add to that your climate - if you’re in the dead of a cold winter, raw foods will make you feel EVEN colder. Raw foods have a cooling effect on the body. So it is best to start with something lighter (if you’re used to unhealthy “convenience” foods) or do this cleanse in the summertime..when the weather is nice and warm.

I encouraged my friend to add green teas and ginger teas liberally during her cleanse. Ginger has a warming effect on the body and is soothing to the digestive system!

The same thing applies to raw juice cleanses. But more importantly, you have to make sure you get a solid source of protein in!! These cleanses are lacking in protein, which is a basic building block for every cell in your body. People will often feel light headed, headaches, moody, irritable, unable to focus mentally or have weird cravings. I craved protein during this cleanse like a madwoman! It was insane!! What I should’ve known (and subsequently learned during my health coach training and certification, was that your body NEEDS protein.) Protein is a major building block and ESSENTIAL to your body. If your body doesn’t get protein from the food you eat, it will start taking it from your muscles..which is not a good thing.

The only proper cleanse I've found without chemicals, preservatives, additives; that is vegan/vegetarian friendly, and gives you a proper - pre-digested - vegan protein that allows you to eat certain foods to keep your energy up so you can go about your day without being an irate zombie is Purium’s 10 Day Transformation Cleanse. Check out this video for more information. If you’re inspired, you can get your 10 Day Transformation Cleanse here Use the Gift Card Code BERADIANT to get $50 Off your cleanse.

If you want/need to start slow, which I completely recommend if you’re used to convenience foods. You want to do this!

Every morning drink a glass/mug of warm/very warm purified water with ½ organic lemon squeezed in.

Follow that up with this *every* morning after your warm lemon water:

During Week 1 - 1 tbsp organic ground flaxseeds in ½ cup organic kefir

During Week 2 - 2 tbsp organic ground flaxseeds in ½ cup organic kefir

During Week 3 - 3 tbsp organic ground flaxseeds in ½ cup organic kefir

The combination will hydrate your body and start cleansing your gut and replenishing to good/healthy bacteria that supports the proper digestion of foods and assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Cleanses can be a great tool to help get you start being more aware of your body and how certain foods react with your unique body. However, it is NOT normal to feel irate, moody, lightheaded, etc!! So please be careful with your cleanses people! You’re supposed to feel energetic and uplifted because you're letting go of excess pounds and inches as a by-product of getting healthier! That’s right I said it!!!! Losing weight/inches should be a by-product of making healthier choices in your food and lifestyle. Join my revolution and live happily and joyfully!! (AND lose weight/inches) xxA

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5 Ways to Make your Resolutions Stick!

It’s that time of year!! The time for new beginnings. Resolutions. How many of you have made your list of New Year’s Resolutions?? How many of you will be on your game come February?? July?? That’s the thing about resolutions...we start out with the best intentions and then...Life happens! And we forget. Or lose motivation. Or just stop caring. But!!! (There’s always a “but” :) But, what if you could maintain your inspiration?? What if you could carry through with your resolutions?? I think that would be awesome!! Don’t you?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas for you. I personally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions - I have EVERY DAY Resolutions! Every day is the ‘new year’ for me but that approach is not for everyone and not for the faint of heart! There are easier ways to start.

1. Be PASSIONATE - find something or some things you are passionate about and make those your resolutions. If you're one of the "gotta get 'healthy' for 2015" you'll have an easier time following thru on this goal if you think about AND write down ALL the reasons you have to be PASSIONATE about this goal.

2. EASY DOES IT - no matter what you put on your list, do a little at a time. Start with 1 item on your resolutions list and work on it for a week and then switch to another item on your list. Carry on in this fashion and you'll be able to make progress and avoid getting bored or feeling overwhelmed by your list.

3. SCHEDULE yourself for SUCCESS - whether it is going to the gym or making sure you eat breakfast or planning a healthy meal/grocery list, it all begins with creating the time. Setting aside 30 minutes or 1 hour, weekly or daily, according to your goals, will help you stay on top of things!

4. START the week STRONG - the sooner in the week you tackle the things you must you must do, the better your chances of getting them done! We're human beings and as such, we have a tendency to take it easier the closer we get to the weekends! Understand your tendencies and work them into (or work around) your life.

5. GET a COACH - seek out a professional you VIBE with to hold you accountable. Health Coaches. Life Coaches. Business Coaches. Acting Coaches. ALL of these professionals can be invaluable to you in helping you achieve success in your life. Seek out people that INSPIRE you and that you CONNECT with to help you get to your next level!

These are my top 5 tips for sticking to your resolutions and having a phenomenal 2015 filled with joy, abundance, health, wealth and success!! Like I mentioned before, I have EVERY DAY resolutions and I have coaches to keep me on track. Yes, COACHES. Plural. I am a human being and sometimes I find it hard to stay motivated but these people are on MY team and they are wonderful resources to keep me honest. I schedule myself. I start my weeks off STRONG. & more importantly. I AM PASSIONATE. :) I don’t take on anything (or any one person as a client in my practice) if I’m not passionate and inspired. I invite you to utilize these tips in your life and see how they can benefit you! Happy New Year!! xxA

If you found this post helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and share your progress too! & if you’re up for it - schedule a Self-discovery Session with me at