The Truth about "Healthy" Foods

I know too many people that think they eat healthy when in fact, they are eating foods that are harming their bodies. After 1 conversation with them about what they are eating it becomes clear that they really aren’t eating as healthy as they think are. This is terrible because they truly have the best intentions for their health and wellbeing. They are just being led astray. The truth is that there are supposedly ‘healthy’ foods out there that are compromising their ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight and may be putting them at risk for chronic illnesses down the road. There are quite a few of these foods so I am going to start with 5 of the foods that are making it hard for you to lose or maintain a healthy weight, zapping your energy and creating hormonal and other imbalances.

Common Foods that Slow Metabolism

Common Foods that Slow Metabolism

  1. Agave Nectar - this one isn’t a surprise to me but it is a surprise to many of the healthy eaters out there. Sugar is definitely a no-no but it turns out that agave nectar is too! It is low on the glycemic index BUT agave contains high levels of fructose which contributes to insulin resistance and additionally interferes with your body’s ability to signal when it’s satisfied - so you end up eating more - and makes your body store fat!  Instead of agave nectar, choose stevia or monk fruit sweetener, also known as lo-han fruit by the Chinese.

  2. Canola Oil - this oil has been hailed as the “safe” and “healthy” option when it comes to oils but that is far from the truth. It is a highly refined oil that when heated becomes toxic. It turns into an extremely unhealthy trans-fat. Choose to cook with pasture-fed, organic butter or coconut oil instead and olive oil for your salads.

  3. Whole Grains - this is a misnomer and is extremely misleading because there are actually no whole grains in the food you eat. Any grain that is turned into bread or pasta or cereal, etc has to be processed in order for it to be turned into those foods and therefore is not a ‘whole’ grain. The starch in these foods turn into sugar in your body, very quickly, leading to insulin spikes and causing your body to store fat! Choose to use grains like gluten-free oat groats or steel cut oats or brown rice or quinoa to make a porridge. Or you can make use a high quality vegetable protein to make a shake with berries and almond butter.

  4. Corn - surprised? There are 3 reasons you should avoid corn. First, 85% of corn is genetically modified and is toxic to human beings and animals. It triggers immune responses. Reason 2 - most corn that is consumed is highly processed and has been stripped of most of its vitamins and minerals. And finally, it is very high on the glycemic index - causing unhealthy spikes in your blood sugar which causes your body to store fat. The occasional bit of organic corn on the cob is ok but other than that stay away from corn in other forms.

  5. Soy Milk and Soy-based Meat Substitutes - unfermented soy products have phytoestrogens which mimic estrogen in the body creating hormonal imbalances. Most soy products are made using a highly toxic chemical, hexane, which has been linked to reproductive problems, birth defects and cancer. Go for almond milk, hemp milk, rice or coconut milk and choose a high quality vegetable protein.  

Just starting with these simple changes can have an impact on your energy levels, mood, health and wellbeing. I encourage you to implement these minor tweaks and see how your body responds! Your body is a truly magnificent and smart instrument - treat it right and nourish it well.

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