Tips for Thyroid Health

Earlier this week I was talking about the thyroid, its importance to everyone’s health and wellbeing and how common it is to have undiagnosed thyroid issues. To recap these are the symptoms:

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

  • weight gain

  • fatigue

  • cold hands and/feet

  • brain fog

  • constipation

  • thinning hair

  • dry skin

Not so Common Symptoms

  • high cholesterol

  • infertility

  • heart palpitations

  • fluid retention

  • heavy periods

You can read more information about your thyroid here. In this post we will focus on foods that to start eliminating to start healing your thyroid and foods to start incorporating into your diet. Remember to make 1/2 your plate at lunch and dinner green vegetables and other veggies. *If you are on thyroid medication, please consult with your doctor and confirm that these dietary changes won’t interfere with your medication.

Foods to Avoid

  • Avoid Gluten - it is a protein that is found in some grains that causes inflammation in the body, interferes with digestion and disrupts hormones. Gluten is found in these grains: wheat, all varieties (breads, cereals or pasta), spelt, kamut, triticale, durum, rye, and barley.

  • Avoid Food Additives, Preservatives, Chemicals, Pesticides, Fungicides, Hormones, Antibiotics, Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) - the amount of chemicals, of all sorts, in our food supply is scary and dangerous to our health. They can often be found where we least expect them, so be sure to read ALL your ingredients labels! If your great-grandmother would not recognize it as food neither does your body!

  • Avoid Soy Products - they contain compounds called phytoestrogens and goitrogens, which make it difficult for your thyroid to function properly. Studies have shown that eating soy increases the chances of having thyroid problems. Most soy is also genetically modified - all the more reason to stay away from soy.

  • Avoid excess sugar, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners - an excess amount of all of these interfere with a healthy hormone balance and contribute to diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation and a host of other illnesses.

Foods to Eat

  1. Foods that Aid Glutathione Production - glutathione is a master antioxidant and has powerful healing properties for the thyroid. Start including asparagus, garlic, avocados, organic cage-free and pastured raised eggs and red meat, turmeric, bananas, tomatoes and some cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage.

  2. Cook your Goitrogens - goirogens are compounds that inhibit thyroid function. The thing is that the foods that contain these compounds are actually healthy and good for you. You just have to cook them - steam, boil or sautee. They are primarily found in cruciferous vegetables - cabbage, broccoli, broccolini, cauliflower, mustard greens, brussels sprouts, kale, turnips, collards, watercress and pears, and millet.

  3. Foods Rich in Healthy Fats - healthy fats may seem like an oxymoron but they are absolutely necessary for a healthy body, as they help build thyroid hormones. Eat avocados, nuts and seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, wild salmon, sardines and other cold water fatty fish.

  4. Foods Rich in Protein - are essential to building hormones and maintaining a healthy body. Plant-based protein sources are more easily digested by your body - choose black beans, aduki, lentils or kidney beans. Broccoli, spinach and kale (cooked) have good amounts of protein too! If you’re going animal sources of protein make sure they are wild-caught, grass/pasture-fed and organic - choose more cold-water fatty fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, halibut and mackerel, followed by pasture-raised organic chicken, turkey and other poultry and grass-fed, organic beef and cattle.

By avoiding (or starting to eliminate) the foods that compromise thyroid health and loading up on foods that will protect and maintain your thyroid you will experience the benefits of a functional thyroid. Say goodbye to fatigue, brain fog, skin issues and your inability to maintain a healthy weight! Your health and wellbeing are in your hands. Choose to be healthy and fit. Choose to enjoy your all aspects of your life!

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Protect your Breasts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and during this month emphasis is placed on raising money for breast cancer research. Advances have been made, like the identification of the BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genes but there is always more to be done. There is one thing that is more important than research and raising funds - prevention!! Yep! PREVENTION! There are changes we can implement to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this cancer.

Diet and lifestyle are very important but too many they are also easy to overlook. A lot of my clients have the same complaint - ‘it is hard to eat right’. And it can be. In this city, we are often so busy that we forget to eat and then we choose unwisely because we are in a rush. Since it is so easy to make unwise choices when it comes to the food we eat, it is that much more important to learn how to choose well and choose the most nutritious foods above all others.

Choose these Cancer-Fighting Foods

  • Beans and Lentils - are rich fiber, folic acid and lignans. A Harvard Nurse’s Study found that those who consume beans and lentils at least twice a week are 24% less likely to get breast cancer than those who consume these less than once a week. Aim for 1 cup, 3-4 times per week.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables - like cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, watercress, arugula are rich phytochemicals - sulforaphanes and endals - that are potent anti-breast cancer agents. Eat these raw, lightly stir-fried in coconut oil or lightly steamed for maximum benefits. Aim for 2-3 cups a day!

  • Oranges -  rich in cancer fighting vitamin C and folic acid and provide every known class of anti-cancer phytochemicals. A great choice for a mid-afternoon snack.

  • Carotenoid-rich Veggies - like yellow and orange bell peppers, carrots, spinach, collards, sweet potatoes provide cancer protection. Light cooking increases the bio-availability of these powerful carotenoids. Mix these up with your cruciferous veggies!

  • Plums and Peaches - the antioxidants in organic plums and peaches rival those found in blueberries and may help kill breast cancer cells while keeping healthy cells intact. Snack on these to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • Walnuts - may thwart the growth of breast cancer cells according to research found in the journal Nutrition and Cancer. Aim for 2 ounces a day.

  • Wild Salmon - is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation, which is thought to contribute to breast cancer. Eat wild salmon or another cold-water fatty fish 2-3 times a week.

  • Parsley and Celery - are rich in a phytochemical, apigenin, which might actually inhibit cancer-cell growth - according to University of Missouri scientists. Garnish your meals with fresh chopped parsley and celery daily.  

There is no magic solution to breast cancer but if a healthy diet can help keep you cancer free isn’t it worth the effort? According to Cheryl L. Rock, Ph. D., R.D., a University of California professor of family and preventative medicine “A woman can cut her chance of cancer by as much as two-thirds with good nutrition and weight management.” What are you waiting for?? Think Pink and protect your breasts by incorporating these foods into your daily routine! 

Peach-Mango Chia Cacao Smoothie

½ banana

1 cup organic peaches, frozen

1 cup mango, frozen

1 handful organic spinach

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

2 tbsp chia seeds

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

=>Blend well until desired consistency is achieved and enjoy!!

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Break Up with Colds & Flus

It’s that time of year again! Cold and flu season. The kids are back in school and who knows what they’ll bring home! And with more people being exposed to germs there will be more people getting sick. I remember getting sick very often come fall and winter. But that was 4 years ago! Yes, you read right - I haven’t gotten a full-blown cold or flu in 4 years. I may get a little tickle in the back of my throat or a slight bit of congestion but that is it! Nothing else. At these times, I just up certain foods and in a day (or two at most!) I am good as new!

Aren't you ready to break up with colds and flus??

Here's how to break up with colds and flus once and for all! 

There are several foods that should be eliminated in order to be in optimal health and wellbeing and these can vary depending on the person. But there are 3 foods that are universally known to promote negative responses within your body. They are mucus-forming and pro-inflammatory which equals poor health.

3 Foods to Avoid for Enhanced Immunity

  1. Wheat/Gluten - is highly inflammatory in just about everyone and the common forms of wheat/gluten we are exposed to are highly processed and poor in nutrients.

  2. Dairy - is best left for the very rare occasion, if at all. Dairy foods create mucus and inflammation in your body. Commercially available, not organic, dairy is also highly processed and the more processed the food the worse it is for you.

  3. Peanuts - are another common allergen. Even if you don’t experience a full blown allergic response peanuts are creating a reaction in your body, inflammation.

Most of your immune system is in your gut and any foods that create imbalances in your gut make it easier for you fall ill.

5 Foods to Eat for Enhanced Immunity

  1. Green Tea has powerful antioxidants and the amino acid L-theanine that are well-known for their immune boosting properties. To reap the maximum benefits from your green tea, steep it for 2 minutes and use just-below boiling water. Adding an organic lemon wedge and raw honey helps lessen some of Green Tea’s bitterness. But DO NOT add milk! Milk binds the polyphenols (antioxidants) in green tea making them ineffective.

  2. Full-fat Plain Greek Yogurt - yes, I did mean FULL-FAT. Fat-free, 2% and all that nonsense is a processed ‘food-like’ substance. Ever known a cow to produce skim milk?? No, right?? If it does not exist in that form in nature then your body doesn’t recognize it either. Look for greek yogurt with Live & Active Cultures. Organic greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein and gut-friendly probiotics. Eat it for breakfast with some organic berries or a little raw honey.

  3. Dark Leafy Greens - I know, not surprising, but dark leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses. When your body is filled with nutrients you will experience enhanced immunity, regardless of the season! Eat plenty of spinach, kale, swiss chard, collard greens - sauteed in coconut oil, steamed, broiled, any way you like it! Just make sure ½ your plate is dark leafy greens with other veggies!

  4. Organic Apples - have many nutrients needed to maintain a healthy immune system such as vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and are high in fiber too! There’s a reason for the saying ‘an apple a day...’ Eat an organic apple as a snack or add it to your greek yogurt or oatmeal.   

  5. Japanese Mushrooms - are great immune boosters. They are loaded with ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant, that isn’t destroyed when its cooked. Choose enoki, maitake, oyster, shitake etc. Add these mushrooms to your salads, stir-fry or soup with lots of ginger root, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

You can avoid a cold and/or flu this season and for the rest of your seasons!! All it takes is you choosing to be healthy and making sure your choices nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to make you feel your best!! When you choose to add the 5 foods to eat I mentioned above and avoid the 3 foods to avoid you will notice there are more benefits than just improved immunity! So go ahead and break up with colds and flus!  

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5 Exotic SuperFoods

In my last post I was talking about superfoods and shared 5 superfoods that are common in our part of the world and excellent additions to our diets. In this post I will share 5 additional superfoods that are excellent for your health and wellbeing and tell you a little what they do that makes them so good for you!

What is a “SuperFood”??

A superfood is defined as a food that is exceptionally nutrient dense. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals.

5 “Exotic” Superfoods

  1. Chia seeds - are a meso-american warrior food! The Aztec warriors would carry chia seeds with them when they went off into battle. Chia seeds are a complete protein rich in fiber, potassium, iron, manganese, calcium, phosphorus. They are also rich in Omega 3s, Omega 6s and antioxidants like vitamin C. They have the capacity to absorb approximately 10x their weight in water which serve to remove toxins and impurities, cleaning out your digestive system and boosting your immune system! All this from very tiny seeds! =>Add them to your organic greek yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, salads etc.

  2. Raw, Organic Cacao - is the original chocolate and yes, it is a superfood. In its raw, pure, unadulterated form it is rich in antioxidants, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, phosphorus and more! It is also rich in tryptophan, a powerful mood enhancer, that is essential in the production of serotonin. =>Raw organic cacao nibs or powder can be added to your smoothies, juices, chia pudding, oatmeal, etc and you can make delicious raw desserts with it too!

  3. Maca - one of my favorite superfoods. Maca is a Peruvian superfood that is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C & E and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. It also contains traces of zinc and selenium. Maca is an adaptogen and is excellent at balancing hormones. It is great for women with menstrual issues, PMS symptoms, fertility (in men and women), menopausal symptoms and lack of libido. Maca is also excellent for helping one manage stress and conditions such as anemia, fatigue, poor memory, tuberculosis, depression and malnutrition. =>Raw, organic maca powder can be added to your smoothie, yogurt, anything with raw cacao powder (they work well together), desserts and juices.

  4. Hemp seeds - are a complete protein source and are rich in Omega 3s, 6s and 9s which are all essential for brain function and beautifying for the skin. Hemp seeds are rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, potassium, sodium, silicon, copper and others. They contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to maintain a healthy human life. =>Hemp seeds can be eaten as a snack or added to your salads, salad dressings or smoothies and raw hemp protein powder is an excellent protein source for athletes and can be used in smoothies, shakes or juices. Hemp milk is an excellent, and healthier, milk substitute.

  5. Coconut - whether you eat the meat, oil or drink the water the health benefits are numerous. Coconut improves digestion and aids in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It is a powerful anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal which helps support a healthy immune system. It improves the utilization of blood sugar and can lessen the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Coconut supports healthy hormone production and help increase metabolism. Coconut water is excellent for hydration. =>Always cook with coconut oil, organic preferably. It is one of the few oils that doesn’t turn rancid at high heats. Eating 1 tablespoon (1 tsp if solid) of coconut oil first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, helps boost your metabolism encouraging your body to burn fat. Add coconut oil to your fruit and veggie smoothies. Coconut meat can be used in desserts, smoothies or as a snack.           

There you have it! These are the 5 superfoods that I recommend adding to one’s diet despite their exotic origins. The health benefits from these are powerful and they work well together. A smoothie with coconut oil, raw cacao powder, and raw maca powder gives your body energy, boosts your immune system, protects your body from free-radical damage, balances your mood and hormones. You can even add chia seeds and hemp protein powder to boost that same smoothie to up your protein (and the health benefits). How does it get better than that??

My Favorite Superfood Smoothie concoction??

Green Berry Super Smoothie

3 organic kale leaves, destalked

1 cup organic blueberries, fresh or frozen

1 cup organic strawberries, fresh or frozen

1 tbsp organic coconut oil

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp raw maca powder

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

2-3 tbsp organic hemp powder or hemp seeds

Purified water/unsweetened almond milk/coconut water - as much as needed for your preferred consistency

=>Blend well and drink up!!

This is one of my favorite ways to start my day. It is tasty and loaded with nutrients! If it’s too ‘green’ tasting, add some more berries. Your body will thank you!  

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5 "Native" SuperFoods

Superfoods. It’s term that is being thrown around more and more. I’m even seeing it on food labels! Let’s face it - money makes the world go around. And there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with that. However, when companies (and their fancy new labels) start misleading people who are genuinely seeking to do better?? That’s when I start having a ‘problem’. I see my role as one in which I guide, teach, inspire and enlighten people on their own personal journey of health and wellbeing. I am passionate about health and wellness because I’ve experienced, first hand, the effects of a good, clean diet.

Nutrition is what our bodies are seeking. A diet rich in nutrients has so many health benefits - from maintaining a healthy weight to balancing hormones to increasing our energy levels. Even healthy, clear skin and strong hair and nails have to do with how we nourish our bodies!

What is a “SuperFood”??

A superfood is defined as a food that is exceptionally nutrient dense. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals.

Some superfoods we’ve grown up with like blueberries, kale and collard greens. There are also other superfoods that are native to other parts of the world like cacao (that’s real chocolate), spirulina, maca and goji berries. I’m of the thinking that we should make an effort to eat as local as possible. That being said, there are certain things I recommend, like coconut oil, despite there not being a single palm tree native to the concrete jungle known as NYC, because of its health benefits.

5 “Native” Superfoods (psst - you WANT to add these to your breakfast, lunch & dinner)

  1. Kale - a dark leafy green veggie that is loaded with nutrients. It is very high in beta carotene, vitamins K & C, calcium and carotenoids - lutein and zeaxanthin. Kale even has a chemical, sulforaphane, which has potent anti-cancer properties. It’s a tough & bitter little sucker though.. so to get over that try steaming or stir-frying. I use it as a green base to my smoothies (just add a banana, apple and berries to make it yummy!). Check out my Massaged Kale Salad below!

  2. Wild Salmon - is uber-rich in Omega 3s and vitamins B3 & B12. Eating wild salmon regularly is good for your heart and for a healthy metabolism.

  3. Blueberries - pack a major nutritional punch! They are very rich in antioxidants, which protect our cells from damage, vitamins C, A, E, B complex and minerals - copper, iron, zinc and selenium. This nutritional cocktail works to boost our immune systems, neutralizing free-radical damage and aid in reducing belly fat.

  4. Oats - steel cut oats or oat groats (unrefined whole oats) are rich in fiber, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and B vitamins and a good source of protein. Oats help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and are well known for its bad (LDL) cholesterol lowering capabilities. Eat with berries - the high vitamin C content of berries assist in iron absorption.

  5. Bell Peppers - whether red, orange, green ,yellow or purple (yes, they exist! and are delicious!) are an excellent source of vitamin A, C, E, B6, flavonoids and carotenoids - lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin - as well as other phytonutrients. These can be lightly steamed, sauteed, stir-fried or eaten raw.

Eating these 5 superfoods regularly will help in a variety of ways! If you want to lessen the evidence of your years on this planet?? You’ll want to add more of these foods. If you want to maintain a healthy weight and reduce belly fat - you got it! Eat more of these foods. Have more energy! Help your body manage the stress of your daily life better! Improve the quality of your life and eat more of these foods! Health and wellbeing is not about calories but about nutrition! Stay tuned for my next post on 5 “Not So Native” Superfoods that are still loaded with health benefits and are yummy too!!

Green Apple Kale & Lentil Salad

1 organic Kale bunch (De-stalked)

½ organic lemon

½ tsp Himalayan sea salt

3 organic green apples

1 ½ c organic lentils, cooked

½ c organic almonds


½ c extra virgin olive oil

1 handful organic basil

1 handful organic cilantro

4 cloves of garlic

1 lemon

½ tsp Himalayan sea salt

=>Chop the kale into pieces. Place the kale in a bowl with 1 tbsp olive oil, juice of ½ organic lemon & ½ tsp of Himalayan sea salt and massage the kale for approximately 5 minutes. When you see some kale juices accumulating in the bottom of the bowl your kale will be ready. Massaging will make the kale sweeter & easier to eat.

Using a small food processor chop garlic cloves & set aside for 10-15 minutes. Core the apples & slice. Place kale, apples & almonds in a bowl. Process the remaining dressing ingredients with the garlic for 30-45 seconds. Toss & serve.

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10 Beautifying Foods for Radiant Skin

Who doesn’t want beautiful, clear skin?? Your skin is your largest organ and it can say a lot about what is going on within. It protects you from the environment and it is one of the organs through which toxins leave your body. Since all your body systems are interconnected it makes sense that when you eat well your various organs and systems improve.

When it comes to skin issues - eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, rashes, dandruff etc - most of these can be traced to nutritional deficiencies and/or undiagnosed food sensitivities. This means that with some changes and introducing a few key nutrients you can resolve your skin issues. And the side effect?? The rest of your body will improve!! How’s that for a ‘side effect’?! Better than leaky bowels or any of the side effects that you’ll have read to you on a TV commercial for the latest medication. :)

Foods to Eat for Beautiful Skin

  1. Strawberries - organic, of course! (Strawberries are part of the Dirty Dozen) These delicious berries are loaded with vitamin C which is essential for repairing your skin and tissues. They also help flush out impurities and dead skin cells. Aim for 1-2 cups per day.

  2. Walnuts - these nutters have the ability to enhance your skin and hair! They are rich in vitamin E, Omega 3s and protein. They also support the body’s in ridding itself of toxins and help skin retain it’s glowy-ness.

  3. Red peppers - organic! (Any foods you’re eating with the skin should be chemical-free) These guys are rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene protecting your skin from free-radical damage. Eat them raw or cooked.

  4. Greek Yogurt - regular, full fat, plain greek yogurt! (Anything that is 2% or fat-free has been processed, defeating what we’re aiming for.) The lactic acid and natural enzymes in greek yogurt help nourish the skin and your hair and nails! Its enzymes also promote a healthy digestive tract. A healthy gut equals a healthy body! Aim to make plain greek yogurt with some strawberries and blueberries your breakfast staple 4-5 days a week.

  5. Cage-free Pasture-raised Eggs - cage free and pasture raised because you want the eggs to be as nutrient dense as possible! Their high protein and iron content help keep your skin healthy and also helps your hair and nails. Aim for having 2 eggs (yolk and all!), either scrambled or hard boiled, 3 times a week.  

  6. Olive oil - rich in antioxidants and a healthy fat, olive oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory, nourishing your skin, hair and nails from within. You can also use it topically. DO NOT use it to cook! Olive oil has a low burn point, becoming rancid and potentially carcinogenic when heated.

  7. Coconut oil - a powerful anti-inflammatory and rich in healthy fats! It helps boost your metabolism and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails! Use this oil to cook! Or in your smoothies! You can even use it as a moisturizer for your skin or a mask for your hair!

  8. Wild Salmon - rich in Omega 3s - a healthy fat - that is essential for healthy, beautiful skin. It is also high in protein! Making it excellent for your hair, skin and nails. The benefits of Omega 3s go beyond your hair, skin and nails - supporting heart health and your brain too! Eat salmon or a cold-water fatty-fish of your choice 3-4 times per week.

  9. Blueberries - have one of the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruits. Always go organic. These little guys are rich in vitamin C, E, A, B complex and minerals like copper, iron, selenium and zinc. They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties helping skin remain healthy and youthful. Aim for 1-2 cups per day.  

  10. Oysters - are rich in protein, omega 3s and zinc, which are essential for healthy skin, hair (and eyelash) growth and strong nails. They are also high in vitamin E which protects your skin (and other cells in your body). Eating oysters also benefits your heart and cardiovascular system, boosts your immunity and improve brain function. Eat 3-6 oysters a couple times a week.

There you have it! 10 beautifying foods for your health, your skin and even your hair and nails! You will be amazed how good you will feel and look!!

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What is clean eating??

There are many health “buzz” words that are being thrown about. There have been many of these circulating throughout the years. One that I am hearing a lot, of late, and find myself using, often is “Clean Eating”. But what exactly is clean eating?? A lot of people think they eat “healthy” but when we actually go through what they are eating we often find some unpleasant surprises. It may be challenging at times to find foods in as ‘whole’ and natural a form as possible but it is possible. And it is completely worth the effort!!

What is ‘clean eating’?

Clean eating means you only eat foods that

  1. healthy

  2. natural and

  3. clean.

“Natural” is a word that many food companies freely use on their labels even when the “foods” are far from being natural. When I use the word ‘Natural’ I mean the food is as close to the way it grew out of the ground or came from the animal as possible.

“Clean” means that the food is free from hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, additives, preservatives, genetically-modified organisms - basically anything that changes the food and how it would react in our bodies. Pesticides, hormones, chemicals are toxic to our bodies and create a host of problems and illnesses from hormonal imbalances to metabolic syndrome and various types of cancers. All the more reason for you to avoid them!

Foods that are natural and clean, fulfilling the above prerequisites, are truly healthy. Truly nourishing and healing for your body. Eating these foods will increase your energy levels, help you manage your stress better (because your hormones will be in balance) and encourage your body to release excess weight. A healthy body manifests other effects like better immunity and a more radiant appearance!

Clean Eating Food List

  • Lots and lots of organic fruits and vegetables

  • Local-grown fruits and vegetables, whenever possible

  • Grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, dairy and free-range poultry

  • Whole, unrefined grains

  • Gluten-free, unrefined grains

  • Drink ½ your body weight, in ounces, of water every day

  • Plant-based meals - where 50-75% of your meals are vegetables and unrefined grains and 25% is animal protein

  • Do not eat refined, processed carbohydrates, ‘fruit’ or ‘fruit and vegetable’ drinks, energy drinks, ‘diet’ drinks, sodas   

  • Watch your sugar intake (1 tsp = 4 grams)

  • Eat healthy fats in the form of unsalted nuts, seeds, coconut, avocados and cold water fatty fish

  • Cook with coconut oil

  • Use extra virgin olive oil for salads, dressings/sauces - Do NOT cook with this oil

  • Use cooking methods like steaming, baking, grilling, broiling and light sauteeing

This is one ‘diet’ that works! It works because it isn’t about calorie restriction, starving yourself and depriving yourself but about learning what’s in your food, knowing where it comes from and keeping it as close to how mother nature made it as possible. Eliminate the chemicals and heavily processed ‘foods’ and you will eliminate your health problems. For those who are fortunate enough to not have health issues, this type of eating will improve your quality of life and keep you healthy, youthful and vibrant longer! Learn what works best in your body! Can you think of a better way to enjoy your life??  

Better-than-Fried Chicken

1 cup Greek Yogurt

½ cup fresh parmesan cheese, shredded

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp spanish paprika

1 tsp himalayan sea salt

½ tsp ground black pepper

1-1 ½ lbs organic chicken breasts

=> Mix the greek yogurt, parmesan cheese and spices together. Coat the organic chicken breasts in the mixture. Place on a baking pan and bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Enjoy!!  

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4 Ways to Stick to your Health Goals at Work!

Like most of us, my days are filled with meetings, tasks, etc. I am often running from meeting to meeting when I get caught out there - hungry and searching for a place where I can actually eat! I am careful as to what I put in my body. I’ve noticed that many of my friends and clients have the same issue. They lead busy lives and it is hard for them to maintain their health goals in the middle of the day, while they are working. The ironic thing is that that is precisely the time when they need to stick to their goals. The temptation that is all over the office - candy, muffins, bagels and the temptation that tries to lure you around lunchtime - pizza, sandwich - is hard to resist. But it can be overcome if you know what to look for!! There are things you can eat on the go that will give you energy, boost your mood and keep you on the track with your health and wellness goals!

Today I’m going to share with you some tips I use to keep both myself and my clients happy, healthy, fit and fabulous!

  • Planning - a little planning, goes a long way. Pack a healthy snack to keep with you at your desk! Try some raw almonds, pumpkin seeds with some unsulfured, unsweetened cranberries or keep a banana or an organic apple with you. Or both!

My clients are busy. You are busy! In my case, I often forget to eat!! This isn’t good. I know you might think the less calories, the less I weigh but that is actually wrong. When you habitually deprive your body of the nutrition it needs to function your body goes into starvation mode and starts holding on to every bit of fat and storing your food as fat. Eat. It’s good for you. One or two healthy snacks, like the ones I mentioned above, are ok.

  • Always eat a healthy breakfast!! Your body has been fasting overnight so your breakfast should be the largest and most nutrient-rich meal of your day! Go for raw oatmeal with organic berries or cooked steel-cut oats with fresh, organic berries. You can also try an omelette with broccoli, onions and other veggies.

The one thing to avoid during breakfast is processed carbs - bread - and potatoes. These quickly turn into sugar in your body - creating a spike in blood sugar levels followed by a sharp crash. No bueno!!

  • Lunchtime! Choose a lean protein like grilled salmon or chicken with veggies like steamed/sauteed broccoli. Or a brown rice bowl loaded with stir-fry vegetables. Keep your proteins with veggies, this helps with digestion and minimizes bloating. In a similar vein, eat your quinoa/brown rice/insert-gluten-free-grain-here with vegetables, for the same reason.

The protein helps keep you feeling satisfied longer and along with the vegetables keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Proteins and carbohydrates are digested in different parts of your body and each takes its own specified time to digest, which is why it is easier on your digestive system to not eat them in the same meal.

  • Business Dinner? Steer clear from the bread basket! Choose a salad as an appetizer or you can go with a few oysters or a shrimp cocktail. For your main course - choose a fatty fish, like salmon or tuna and accompany it with spinach or asparagus.

When it comes to dinner - just mind your portions. Restaurants tend to have portion sizes that are easily 2-3 times larger than an individual portion. Follow this rule of thumb (which is ok for most people) - protein intake should be the size of one of your palms, if you are female, and both your palms, if you are male. If you are highly active and engage in strenuous physical activity your protein intake will need to be higher. When it comes to greens - vegetables, your portion of these should be half your plate but feel free to go to town on these. Vegetables are high in fiber, loaded with nutrients AND they are low in calories. Just don’t smother them with ranch or some other chemical (and calorie) loaded dressing/sauce.

Food is our nourishment but it is also a pleasure. You can live a healthy lifestyle, make good food choices AND enjoy your life. These are not mutually exclusive. Why not choose to have it all?? A healthy body you love! A sound mind that helps you navigate your life! A great life filled with joy, friendship, happiness and fulfillment. It’s right there within your reach! I challenge you to seize it and live your dreams out loud!

Healthy - Homemade - Trail Mix

1/4 cup organic pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup almonds

1/4 Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Hemp

1 tsp chia seeds

=> Mix & Enjoy! This is a gluten-free, vegan and unprocessed trail mix and it is delicious! 

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5 Ways to be Bloat-free

Everyone wants a flat, toned belly. But for a lot of us there is the issue of bloating to contend with. It really could come out of (seemingly) nowhere but there are triggers - some that apply to everyone and others that are specific to you. I know that if I eat wheat (in the US) I bloat immediately, so I avoid it completely. Thankfully, I’m not missing much because most of the wheat products we have here have 0 (zero!) nutritional benefits and actually do more harm than good to the body. But back to the bloat - for one of my clients it is the combination of wheat, tomato sauce and cheese, pizza. That one is a bummer.. I love pizza!! And so does he. Let’s start with what causes the dreaded bloat.

Foods that Cause Bloating (Reduce/Eliminate these)

  • Fatty or Fried Foods - I know they’re delicious but they are also wreaking havoc on your insides. A rich, fatty, heavy meal causes bloat because fats are the last to be digested. Fats, of any kind, take your body longer to digest. Protein and carbohydrates digest faster.

  • Wheat-based/Gluten Foods - most people have some type of gluten sensitivity or intolerance nowadays. Even if you can digest gluten, the type of wheat that is currently grown is shorter than the wheat grown in the 1950s and also has a high glycemic index. It is worse than sugar. So the bloating it creates is one of the lesser reasons you should steer clear of this food. If you’re curious on this subject read “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis.

  • Dairy Products - if you’re lactose intolerant you know what eating dairy does to you but a lot of people have a milder form of lactose intolerance. This is why it is important to pay attention to how our bodies feel when we eat. If you’re the way I used to be, you’re so busy running around accomplishing that you don’t pay attention to your meals much less how you feel within a couple hours of eating. But your awareness is the key to your good health.

  • Processed (Junk) Foods - junk foods are high in fat and high in sugar which double your chances of experiencing bloating and other intestinal issues like cramping and gas. When your body starts digesting the sugar it works to fuel the bacteria in your gut and that leads to gassiness. The sugar also is one of the first things to be digested and go to the intestines, where they can cause cramping. Add that to the list of reasons to avoid processed foods!

What to eat to be Bloat-free??

  1. Aim for 60-80% veggies! Most of your plate should be fresh or lightly cooked vegetables. In addition to the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in veggies, the fiber in them is what will flush out the old waste and toxins from your body leaving you with a flat (and happy) tummy. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage are harder for the body to digest so these should be lightly cooked to avoid the bloat.

  2. Eat high quality proteins and grains! Organic eggs, fish, nuts and seed, brown rice, quinoa, beans and legumes are essential for maintaining a healthy body and a flat tummy. Your protein portion should be the size of 1 of your palms if you’re a woman and the size of 2 of your palms if you’re a man. If you engage in regular, strenuous exercise your protein needs will be higher. One thing to keep in mind is that plant-derived proteins are easier for your body to use than animal-derived proteins.

  3. Eat Fruit by itself - fruits that are high in sugar can create bloating in the body, so it is best to eat these by themselves, as a snack in between meals, or before your meal.

  4. Food Combining - each type of food requires its own set of enzymes for digestion and has its own particular time within which it will be digested. For optimal nutrient absorption it is good to keep this in mind. Starches, like brown rice or quinoa, take around 3-4 hours to digest, and should be combined with fresh or steamed veggies. The same for protein, since they take longer to digest (around 5 hours), it is best to help them along by eating them with fresh or lightly cooked vegetables. Strategically combining your foods will help improve digestion, improve nutrient assimilation and leave you with a flatter, healthier tummy.

  5. Eliminate (or reduce) cow’s milk, gluten, sugar and processed foods - for the reasons stated above...these foods cause more harm than good.

These 5 tips are a great place to start you off on your journey to a flat belly and good health. I’ve had great success, personally, by keeping to these guidelines, and have coached my clients through significant changes by combining these guidelines with their respective customized plans. Just keep in mind that good health is a journey not a destination. Be kind to yourself as you embark on these changes and be patient! Rome wasn’t built in a day.    

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Keep Your Liver Happy with these 8 Foods

Have you ever given your liver much thought?? If you’re like most people, you haven’t. Even I didn’t give my liver much thought until I started taking better care of my body and health. Knowing what I now know has really helped me and my clients be more aware of our bodies and how to help them function at their best. The liver is a vital organ for a reason. Your liver does a lot to keep you healthy - it removes harmful materials from your bloodstream and it aids in digestion. It helps your immune system fight off infections. Your liver converts your food into nutrients your body can use, stores vitamins and minerals and produces proteins and enzymes.

Issues with your liver can be inherited or caused by an infection but there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you (inadvertently) mistreat your liver. Mistreating your liver can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity, cause chronic fatigue and headaches, lead to digestive issues and many other ailments.

There are some common substances people consume (sometimes, excessively) that can create issues; white sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. Yes, even too much coffee can overload your liver. I always encourage people to be aware of their sugar consumption and all the different forms it comes in - with the ultimate goal of bringing your sugar consumption down to around 0.

What can you eat to boost your liver health??

  1. Garlic - raw, organic garlic is a delicious to keep your liver healthy (and keep the vampires at bay!).  It helps your liver flush out toxins. In order to fully activate the enzymes in the garlic, after chopping/crushing it, let it stand for 15 minutes before using it.

  2. Grapefruit - eating a grapefruit or drinking fresh grapefruit juice helps your liver flush out toxins and carcinogens! I’m not a big fan of grapefruits but a couple times a week with a little (less than a teaspoon) raw honey is something I can do. Try it.

  3. Beets - these have to be organic. There is nothing healthy about franken-beets. The plant-flavonoids in organic beets boost overall liver function. This is a very cleansing veggie.

  4. Leafy Greens - like organic spinach, swiss chard work to neutralize metals, chemicals and pesticides protecting the liver.

  5. Cruciferous Vegetables - like broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts help increase enzyme production which aids in digestion.

  6. Green Tea - is not only good for helping your body burn fat and boosting digestion but it also improves liver function.

  7. Avocados - help your body produce a certain antioxidant, glutathione, that helps your liver filter out harmful materials.

  8. Lemons - are not only loaded with vitamin C but they also are a digestive aid and help our bodies remove toxins. I start my day with a glass of room temperature water with the juice of lemon.

Baby Spinach & Beet Salad

2 large handfuls organic baby spinach

1 organic beet, diced

1 avocado, sliced

½ grapefruit, wedges

½ lemon, juiced

1 tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

sprinkle of celtic sea salt

Rinse the baby spinach and add the beets and grapefruit wedges and avocado to a bowl. Juice the lemon and drizzle the olive oil all over the veggies. Sprinkle the turmeric and sea salt and toss well.  

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