Beauty has been on my mind this week. (Probably because of the workshop I'll be teaching tonight!!) Actually, beauty is always on my mind. I am one of these people that truly loves beautiful things, people, faces, flowers etc. It’s part of me. If my surroundings aren’t aesthetically pleasing I start getting creative and finding something of beauty for my eyes to focus on. Beauty, however, is a very subjective thing. And even the most genetically gifted amongst us has moments of blah-ness. It is subjective. It is societal conditioning. It is hard to identify, sometimes. It is in the ‘eye of the beholder’. But what if every time we looked in the mirror, we could find yet another thing to love about ourselves, our faces, our bodies?? How wonderful would that be?? To be so completely and utterly comfortable in who we are that our looks are just an ever-changing manifestation of what is within?? I think that would be awesome!! It certainly would take a little of the edge off! :)


Which is why part of my mission in working with my clients is empowering them to feel utterly irresistible in their own skin! Without surgery. Without pills and potions. Just as they are. And only through healing their bodies with real, whole, natural food. Food that your great grandparents would recognize as food! I had to do an exercise, as part of an attraction acting class where I was asked to take a private moment and look at my body, naked and work through whatever issues I had with my body by focusing on what I found attractive. This wasn’t easy to do. Like all women, I have moments where I feel completely unattractive. And whenever I’ve voiced this to my bestie or my honey they just say “Uh, you’re crazy!”. Well, that may be but I still feel uncomfortable in those moments when I feel ‘ugly’. This is what I’ve learned to do about it (and what I share with my clients).

  • When I find myself judging my looks - I ask myself ‘where did I get that ‘opinion’ from??’ And then I choose to release it by asking myself ‘what if I didn’t continue to adopt that opinion as my truth??’

  • When I catch myself feeling uncomfortable in my skin - I focus on one thing about myself that I love.

  • I reflect on what I’m eating - food affects our moods and some make us feel ugh, yucky...while others give us energy and improve our mood! I make improvements where needed.

  • Get Sweaty!! Exercise - duh! Yeah, I know this is a common sense one but making time for exercise can really improve our perspective on ourselves. Yesterday, my honey was feeling ugh, because of his job and I lovingly badgered him to come ‘get sweaty’ with me. After our workout he felt better and thanked me for getting him to the gym. The same can work for you!

I think 4 is good start for you guys. It’s one more suggestion than I give my clients per session but I think you can handle it! :) When working on improving our self-image it is important to be kind to ourselves, or learn to be kind. We have all been through our share of whatever life has had to offer us and we are all still standing. Wobbly or not. You are still here. Make your resilience and strength a starting point to loving yourself, unconditionally. I know you can do it!

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