4 Ways to Stick to your Health Goals at Work!

Like most of us, my days are filled with meetings, tasks, etc. I am often running from meeting to meeting when I get caught out there - hungry and searching for a place where I can actually eat! I am careful as to what I put in my body. I’ve noticed that many of my friends and clients have the same issue. They lead busy lives and it is hard for them to maintain their health goals in the middle of the day, while they are working. The ironic thing is that that is precisely the time when they need to stick to their goals. The temptation that is all over the office - candy, muffins, bagels and the temptation that tries to lure you around lunchtime - pizza, sandwich - is hard to resist. But it can be overcome if you know what to look for!! There are things you can eat on the go that will give you energy, boost your mood and keep you on the track with your health and wellness goals!

Today I’m going to share with you some tips I use to keep both myself and my clients happy, healthy, fit and fabulous!

  • Planning - a little planning, goes a long way. Pack a healthy snack to keep with you at your desk! Try some raw almonds, pumpkin seeds with some unsulfured, unsweetened cranberries or keep a banana or an organic apple with you. Or both!

My clients are busy. You are busy! In my case, I often forget to eat!! This isn’t good. I know you might think the less calories, the less I weigh but that is actually wrong. When you habitually deprive your body of the nutrition it needs to function your body goes into starvation mode and starts holding on to every bit of fat and storing your food as fat. Eat. It’s good for you. One or two healthy snacks, like the ones I mentioned above, are ok.

  • Always eat a healthy breakfast!! Your body has been fasting overnight so your breakfast should be the largest and most nutrient-rich meal of your day! Go for raw oatmeal with organic berries or cooked steel-cut oats with fresh, organic berries. You can also try an omelette with broccoli, onions and other veggies.

The one thing to avoid during breakfast is processed carbs - bread - and potatoes. These quickly turn into sugar in your body - creating a spike in blood sugar levels followed by a sharp crash. No bueno!!

  • Lunchtime! Choose a lean protein like grilled salmon or chicken with veggies like steamed/sauteed broccoli. Or a brown rice bowl loaded with stir-fry vegetables. Keep your proteins with veggies, this helps with digestion and minimizes bloating. In a similar vein, eat your quinoa/brown rice/insert-gluten-free-grain-here with vegetables, for the same reason.

The protein helps keep you feeling satisfied longer and along with the vegetables keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Proteins and carbohydrates are digested in different parts of your body and each takes its own specified time to digest, which is why it is easier on your digestive system to not eat them in the same meal.

  • Business Dinner? Steer clear from the bread basket! Choose a salad as an appetizer or you can go with a few oysters or a shrimp cocktail. For your main course - choose a fatty fish, like salmon or tuna and accompany it with spinach or asparagus.

When it comes to dinner - just mind your portions. Restaurants tend to have portion sizes that are easily 2-3 times larger than an individual portion. Follow this rule of thumb (which is ok for most people) - protein intake should be the size of one of your palms, if you are female, and both your palms, if you are male. If you are highly active and engage in strenuous physical activity your protein intake will need to be higher. When it comes to greens - vegetables, your portion of these should be half your plate but feel free to go to town on these. Vegetables are high in fiber, loaded with nutrients AND they are low in calories. Just don’t smother them with ranch or some other chemical (and calorie) loaded dressing/sauce.

Food is our nourishment but it is also a pleasure. You can live a healthy lifestyle, make good food choices AND enjoy your life. These are not mutually exclusive. Why not choose to have it all?? A healthy body you love! A sound mind that helps you navigate your life! A great life filled with joy, friendship, happiness and fulfillment. It’s right there within your reach! I challenge you to seize it and live your dreams out loud!

Healthy - Homemade - Trail Mix

1/4 cup organic pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup almonds

1/4 Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Hemp

1 tsp chia seeds

=> Mix & Enjoy! This is a gluten-free, vegan and unprocessed trail mix and it is delicious! 

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